Joe and Dough - Novena

Catering to a bustling office and medical crowd at Novena Square, Joe and Dough smashes out amazing coffee and freshly made sandwiches and cakes.  


For those not so familiar with the slang used, Joe in America has been what tea-rooms and diners across the country call coffee.  Although Joe & Dough uses the phrase 'a cup of Joe,' it is very far from the percolated mess that is typically seen in these type of stores in the movies.   Rather, Joe and Dough have some fantastic machinery and running a consistently high-quality blend that tastes great no matter which outlet you visit. 


 If you need a morning fix, Joe and Dough Novena is a fast paced operation and will get your coffee and order to you in super speed.   If you plan to stay the ambience is great with loads of coffee-centric wall art all dedicated to the education and appreciation of the finest brews.  


One massive sign at the store is 'life is too short for bad coffee' and over here at the coffee machine store we couldn't agree more!

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