Fish & Co - Terminal 2, Changi Airport

Although not known as a coffee stop, Fish & Co. is a great place to get your seafood fill.  

Offering a huge array of seafood on the menu, the basket we had was fresh and tasty comprising of crayfish, prawns, soft shelled crab, shellfish and more!

It is interesting on the table there is an expectation setting notice that states food will take 15-25min to arrive however we only waited a short 10min for everything to be served and to dig in!  This is perfect those with big appetites or young kids who don't like a long wait.


This is a great family destination with child-friendly seating as well as activities to keep them busy while the hunger builds.  

Overall on the coffee side, this is your A-typical chain offering and I would have liked to have seen more of thought around bean and blend fit that would match the delicious seafood menu better.    But as mentioned at the top, when you are great at getting fresh fish on the table we can give the coffee a pass.